Brasov’s Coat of Arms

Brasov’s Coat of Arms dates back to the battles between the Hungarian King Solomon (1063-1074) and a nation of invaders, the Cumans. Legend has it that King Solomon was followed all the way to Brasov, where he found shelter hiding in the woods. To avoid being recognized, he took off his crown and placed it on the stem of a tree. When the Cumans passed by, they saw the crown and were deceived to believe that the King had fallen off the cliff and died. Thus, Solomon managed to escape and flee with all the rich items he had with him. He stopped at a cave near Brasov, in an area called nowadays Solomon’ Rocks.

Hundreds of years later, a peasant who went to the woods to gather firewood found the crown and took it to the Black Church for safekeeping. This is how the town of Brasov ended up being named Kronstadt (in German) - Crown City. People say that the roots on the Coat of Arms are actually the 13 communities of land Barsa’s Saxons, who support the city the same way a tree trunk is supported by its roots.