Dragobetele kisses girls! - February 24

What holiday could be more beautiful than the one devoted to love? None in the world! We invite you every year on February 24, to enjoy together Dragobete feast, symbol of love in Romanian mythology. Son of the old lady Dochia with the Holy Spirit of the Mountins, Dragobete received at birth the visit of four fairy godmothers: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

The first one gave him love, freshness of flowers and youth without getting old. The second was equally magnanimous and gave him the warmth of  love and the sweetness of flowers. Autumn gave him a whistle to use it for singing to people about love and to cheer them up when they're in difficult situations or, simply, when they have a reason to celebrate. Winter dressed him like a king, white with flashes of diamonds to be seductive.

These gifts made him irresistible to all young women he encountered. His travels lasted hundreds of years, during which Dragobete teached people to receive and give love. It is said also that on the night of 23rd to 24th February, he appears in the dreams of gentlemen to teach them the secrets of love. When he completed his mission, Dragobete was transformed into a plant called "impetuous",which is born in our glades in the spring.

You can buy gifts for the loved ones, you can visit new places, you can make the loved ones happy by giving them Romanian flavored surprises, you have a multitude of opportunities for leisure activities here at our home, on February 24!