Buzău Land

Immerse yourself into the authentic rural life of Buzau Land, carefully kept for centuries, at the crossroads of the three Romanian regions: Moldovia, Transylvania and Wallachia! Buzau Land has contributed since ancient times to the essence of Romanian culture. Witnesses are the ruins of the Dacian fortress on Istriţa Hill, the Romanian Athos from Buzău Mountains, the monasteries built by the kings of Wallachia, the manor houses of local boyars and last but not least the pictoresque Buzău villages. Buzău Land has always been a bridge between the three historical Romanian regions, Moldavia, Transylvania and Wallachia, a place where elements from each region melt together, creating an unique folklore. The people of Buzău are happy to welcome visitors and share with them the treasures of an authentic rural life, carefully kept along the centuries.

Traditional gastronomy

“The Weaning of the Lambs” (Varlaam), the festival that marks the beginning of the shepherd season, is a special occasion for  tasting the traditional products of the area, like cheese and the „bulz” of Varlaam - balls of polenta with cheese filling. Visitors have the opportunity to see and participate to the preparation of these products following traditional methods. The event takes place in the village of Gura Teghii, included in the Guide of the most beautiful villages of Romania. Other specialities of the area include milky soup with greens, homemade butter, sour milk in earth jug, Gura Teghii brandy and whey therapy. Enthusiasts can go fishing or hiking for collecting on their own the ingredients for cooking tasty meals. In the forests around the Nişcov Valley, parties of “truffle hunt” and truffle cooking are organized.

Local crafts

Romanians have produced for themselves household items and clothes, then, as their life conditions improved, crafts turned into art. Today many of the secrets of these crafts have been lost, many traditions have changed, but in some villages you will find men and women who have inherited the taste for beautiful simple things and who pass over their skills to the next generation. One can see weaving in goat hair, egg painting, piper making and playing, pottery, wood craft, traditional Romanian sewings made by craftswomen, wheelwrights in the following villages: Beceni, Vintilă Vodă, Săruleşti, Mânzăleşti, Mărgăriteşti. There is also a museum with valuable exhibits in Mânzăleşti, the Musem of Folk Art of Slănic Valley.

Buzău Wine Road

Buzau Land is also famous for the exquisite wines produced here, sweet and parfumed, like „tămâioasa”, a Romanian vine breed famous in the Land of Buzau.  The Wine Road includes the Wine Research Centre of Pietroasa, that produces  wine at industrial scale, or small wineries where the visitors can learn about the secrets of home made wine.