Come to Jurilovca, a destination for everybody, where the hospitality of people blends with the serenity of the blue waters of the Danube and the Black Sea! Jurilovca awaits its guests in the middle of a fairy tale landscape neighboring the Black Sea and the Danube Delta. The destination is easily accessible by land, air or water and offers a wide variety of tourist attractions for all types of tourists: the seaside beach at Gura Portiţei, the ancient fortress Argamum (Orgame), boat routes in Razim-Sinoe Lake, fishing, events, Romanian, Lipovan and Bulgarian traditions.

Razim – Sinoe Lake

Gura Portitei is recorded on maps since 1710 and represents the link  between the fresh waters of Razim – Sinoe Lake and the salted waters of the Black Sea. It is accessible by ship, being a special place for leisure, fishing and sun-bathing. The area of Razim – Sinoe Lake is also attractive for canoeing and bird – watching.

Well preserved traditions

The traditional Lipovan houses are thatch-roofed and the facades are painted in white and blue. The traditional bath, built separately from the house itself, looks like a Russian sauna and the bathing act is almost of ceremonial nature, especially before major holidays. The traditional costume is worn on Sundays at the church and on holidays.

Orgame/Argamum Fortress

It was founded in the 7-th century BC, by the Greeks of Miletus, being the first urban settlement on the present territory of Romania mentioned in an ancient source. The fortress was inhabited more than 12 centuries.