The EDEN Project - European Destinations of Excellence

The EDEN Project - European Destinations of Excellence was launched by the European Commission/General Direction Enterprise and Industry/Tourism Unit in 2006. The aimed objectives refer to the increase of visibility for non-traditional destinations, raising awareness over the diversity and quality of European tourism offer, reducing seasonality, supporting sustainable tourism, networking between destinations.

Following the contests organised by the national tourism authorities from each participant state, there are designated the European Destinations of Excellence, winner (1st place) and runner- up (2nd and 5th place), according to the procedure agreed upon by the European Commission. Romania participated to all editions of the EDEN contest, being designated the following destinations:

  • 2008, turism and local intangible heritage: 1st place Horezu Area, 2nd place Făgăraș County, 3rd place Vrancea County,  4th place Neamț Land, 5th place Mărginimea Sibiului.
  • 2009, turism and protected areas: 1st place Apuseni Nature Park, 2nd place Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, 3rd place Vânători Neamţ Nature Park, 4th place Buila-Vânturariţa National Park, 5th place Mureș Floodplain  Nature Park.
  • 2010, aquatic turism: 1st place Geoagiu – Băi Resort,  2nd place Techirghil Resort, 3rd place Sărata Monteoru Resort,  4th place Cvasna Resort, 5th place Mangalia Resort.
  • 2012, rural turism: 1st place Buzău Land, 2nd place Drăguş, 3rd place Cârlibaba, 4th place Polovragi, 5th place Perişani.
  • 2012, turism and regeneration of physical sites: 1st place Alba Iulia.
  • 2013, accessible turism: 1st place  Jurilvca, 2nd place Gheorgheni – Lacul Roşu, 3rd place the Border of the Eastern Front, 4th place Şaru Dornei.
  • 2015, tourism and local gastronomy: 1st place Mărginimea Sibiului, 2nd place Transylvanian Highlands, 3rd place Tismana, 4th place  Neamț County.