My childhood’s feast

Aho, aho, children and siblings
Hold on and don’t herd.
Near the oxes you join
And you listen to my word.
Go on and herd lads
Ring the bells
So to be heard through valleys....

Come on ...


So it begins one of the great stories of my childhood in the Miceşti village, town of Ghergheşti. You are probably wondering, where is this corner of paradise where such lyrics are sung and on what occasion? I swear, with my hand on my heart, that there are no winter holidays more beautiful and more humane than the ones I have lived back home, in my dear Moldavia.

Christmas Eve was a celebration for all the children from the village streets. Preparation started in the morning and was extremely serious. Carols, very carefully chosen with a week ahead, were repeated, the bag with fruits and other wonderful gifts was prepared, gifts which were to find shelter here in no time, and the emotions were as high as a house. But the joy of presenting yourself to acquaintances and giving them a small part of your work as a young interpreter was immeasurable.

The tour began from house to house, from door to door, at the relatives and neighbors, and woe to him who had the gate closed. Of all the gifts, we liked money the most. And not because we had any idea of their power, but because we could buy from the village shop crayons and notebooks. I am telling you,it smelled just as like only there you cand feel that cooperative flavor.

Going caroling was not an individual work, but a team of at least two. And so you could see in the entire village clusters and clusters of little people, frozen, but cheerfully to God.

And on New Year's Eve, they went wishing things to people. This habit was usually reserved for older ones. I went once with my mother’s, my grandmother’s and my aunts’ permission. Unanim vote obviously! Otherwise, it could not be. I teamed up with my cousin Lucian. I miss him so .. and also the times of our childhood.

At these crossings from house to house, romances were born. It was an event dedicated to young people. They were unforgettable moments, glimpses of the country life that not everyone had the privilege to live and be part of them. Then going to church on holidays, the sacrifice of the pig, pulling a sleigh, making cakes and and so many more I have tell you ... Get driven, well ...!

Roxana Cristescu