The place where life is deathless

Yes, I know you can’t believe it! But in this world there is a merry cemetery. I would not believe it unless I saw it every day, located across the street from my household. I invite you to come here, to us, at Săpânţa! You'll see for yourself.

The Merry Cemetery from Sapanta is where our ancestors are buried. But not just anyway and not as everybody else. If you're curious to read what is written on each cross look at the paintings that represent each one of them, you'll understand who he was and what role each played in our community. Let me give you an example:

"Under this heavy cross Lies my poor mother in law, three more days she would have lived, I would be lying here and she would be reading(the cross). You, who here are passing by, try not to wake her up please, ’cause if she comes back home, she’ll criticise me more. But I will surely behave, so she’ll not return from grave. Stay here, my dear mother in law! "

And not only that. I can not describe in words the beauty of these crosses, the colors, how they are worked and painted. The images and texts about the dead represent a story, a mystery that must feel you must feel yourself to understand it.What  I say now may be just talk. For it to become an unforgettable experience, you should live the experience here, only here at Sapanta.

Ion din Săpânța