Traveling journeymen of Sibiu

Journeymen are young craftsmen who travel the world to find their purpose in life. To become a journeyman, the apprentice had to be less than 30 years old, bachelor, without children, without other obligations and without debt. When they left their home, the journeymen took with them a coin and for three years they did not have the right to approach their house within a distance of 50 km. Also, they were not allowed to stay longer than three months in a place, because they needed to have as many mentors as possible.

Legend has it that a young journeyman signed a pact with the devil because he wanted to make an unbreakable lock. He made the lock, but he lost his soul in exchange. Since then, to ward off the devil and to remember the lost soul, the journeymen would drive a nail into a tree and lock it.