Painted ceramics

If you want a relaxing time, join the locals and paint ceramics in one of the many workshops in the area Horezu. You can use the colors you like and draw models that inspire you, this way creating objects defined by your personal touch.


Take a ride with the famous steam trains from Maramures (Vaser Valley), Bucovina (Moldovița), Sovata, Covasna, Comadau, Abrud - Câmpeni, Oraviţa - Anina, Brad - Criscior. The „Mocăniţe” trains were very famous at the end of the 19th century and were used mainly for transporting wood. From forestry trains with practical purposes, they have gradually become very dear transportation means for tourists.

Riding courses

Live the adventure in a herd of horses next to a real instructor who will teach you not only to ride, but to know the horse, to enjoy the feeling of complete freedom that the contact with the animal gives you.

The Resurrection Mass

Live a magical night for Easter, witnessing the Resurrection in one of the many churches and monasteries in the countryside where the whole village dresses in feast garb to celebrate, as befits the most beautiful moment in the Orthodox religion: the resurrection of the Lord. Once the mass is over, sit down for a traditional meal that the housewives are competing to fill with painted eggs, lamb in the oven and many other specific dishes.

Horse-drawn sleigh rides

In the most beautiful day of the year, Christmas day,but not only this time, live a wonderful experience that you can get in many rural locations in Romania: the horse-drawn sleigh ride. You will enjoy carols, mulled wine or „horincă”, fresh cake, and if you're lucky, much snow.


Do you want to feel the adrenaline? Touch the sky, live the unique feeling that paragliding gives you, a sports activity that you will find in many places in our country. You do not need great athletic abilities, you will be accompanied by an instructor, but you will do need a dose of courage and desire to experience new things.