Enescu Festival

George Enescu Festival is one of the most important international events dedicated to classical music. The festival had official opening on September, 4th, 1958, three years after the death of George Enescu, the first Romanian composer who has crossed the borders of the country, reinterpreting traditional elements of Romanian cultural heritage and adding them to the noblest influences of international music in a unique key.

This event is held every two years in September for three weeks in Bucharest, in the Romanian Athenaeum, the Polyvalent Hall, National University of Music Bucharest (UNMB), the National Opera and Radio Hall. This festival is recommended to purchase tickets or subscriptions from January-February, when put up for sale, taking into account the large number of interested parties. Every edition of the event gathers famous names from the world of classical music and orchestras and ensembles of the world, that you can see and hear in the following sections: big orchestras, midnight concerts, chamber recitals and concerts, highlights of Romanian contemporary music, Enescu and his contemporaries.

This event has a dedicated outdoor space, the George Enescu Square - Festival Square, specially arranged for the music lovers to watch a series of outdoor concerts during the festival. Also, a series of concerts are taking place in other cities in Romania, offering the opportunity to people far from the capital to enjoy the spirit of this festival: Timisoara, Brasov, Ploiesti, Iasi, Bacau.

Since 2014, every two years, in September is organized in Bucharest, branded by George Enescu Festival, the Contest bearing the same name, a competition for young musicians and an opportunity for international affirmation, awarding the four sections in competition: violin, cello, composition and piano.

The National Tourism Authority, representatives of central public administration in tourism, is a partner of this festival and contest since 2016.