International Theatre Festival in Sibiu - FITS

FITS is a state of mind. FITS is in theater halls, in unusual spaces (Fortress of Cisnadioara, Traian Hall), on the street, in the squares. FITS is every year in Sibiu, in June, for 10 days. This year, 2016, its 23rd edition took place, perhaps one of the most spectacular so far as participation, both artistic and for the public, over 65 thousand spectators. FITS gathers under its umbrella theater artists from the country and elsewhere, with an increasingly international participation. FITS is the International Theatre Festival in Sibiu, the most important festival of its kind in Romania and among the top three most important festivals in Europe alongside Avignon and Edinburgh. This event gives you the opportunity to meet big names in theater like Thomas Ostermeier, Eugenio Barba, Yevgeny Mironov, Luk Perceval, Tim Robbins, Silviu Purcarete, etc. But FITS is not just theater. It means dance, contemporary circus, reading, book releases, conferences, film, exhibitions, and workshops. This great event successfully contributes to the development of cultural tourism phenomenon by organizing events promoting excellence.