Ecotourism and adventure tourism

If you are looking for a personal holiday experiences and places that inspire you, we're confident that you'll love Romania, inviting destination for lovers of blazed trails and authentic culture. Romania's natural wealth is unrivaled in Europe.

We have real treasures, unique geographic areas, such as the Danube Delta and the stately Carpathians, still wild in some areas. In addition, our country hosts many protected areas - with unpolluted wild flora and fauna, species which can rarely be found in other countries. Romania is a call for nature lovers and adventurers seeking to reconnect to nature.

And if you're the active type, a bike ride through the Carpathian Mountains will take your breath away, not because of the effort, but of the calm and gentle beauty of the mountain, due to all the hundreds of colors that one’s eye encounters and to the bluer sky. Everything here seems to be as quiet and free of error, just like in the early days of the world.

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