Health tourism

Romania is one of the richest countries in Europe and the most outstanding in terms of natural healing factors. Romania hosts more than one third of Europe's mineral and thermal springs.

What seems the gift of divinity, it has a more specific and simpler explanation - the geological structure of the mountains dominating the center of Romania made the congestion of therapeutic waters possible. In Romania there are 70 resorts, some even built by the Romans, where various diseases can be treated. And do not think only waters are used in healing. So is the fresh air of forests at high altitude, as well as salted and charged with particles environment of salt mines found throughout the country. These resorts are in any geographical area, in various forms of relief from mountains to plains. Various problems find comfort by curative qualities of water, air and environment, but also by skills of personnel in the Romanian spa resorts.
Here you can find a better price-value ratio of spa treatments; relaxation and personal care by local and international methods and resources.

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