Shopping1Shopping in Romania is an experience not to be missed out by any visitor.

There are plenty of shopping and entertainment centers, supermarkets, open-air markets, fashion boutiques and stores, antique, art and souvenir stores, malls and bookstores that satisfy all the tastes and needs.
These malls and shopping centers are laid out with cafes and restaurants, cinemas, sports and gambling facilities and even wellness and beauty care centers. All sorts all services are provided also, such as banking, communications and pharmaceutical services.

In the local markets, everyday farmers and gardeners arrive with their fresh fruits, vegetables and home made specialties such as: cheese, ham, honey, nuts, jams, dried peppers, cakes and other appetizing foods and alcohol drinks.

Fill your bags with souvenirs when you return from a trip to Romania so you’ll always remember to come back!

ShoppingFrom the street stalls, antique and souvenirs stores you can buy authentic romanian souvenirs : sculptures with traditional motifs, wooden crafts, hand painted icons and pottery, folk costumes, traditional carpets, tableclothes or painted Easter eggs.

The sales tax (VAT) is 24%.
Non-EU residents are entitled to claim a VAT refund when the purchased goods are exported in an unused condition outside the EU in personal luggage. Shop wherever you see the Tax Free logo.
VAT Refund – VAT refund offices can be found at any Romanian border crossing point. To claim you Sales Tax Refund please make sure that:
1. Your purchases were made at a store which can issue a legal invoice/ receipt as well as a tax refund form,
2. The total value of your purchases is higher than 250 Lei (approx. $100 US),
3. Your purchases were made 90 days or less before your date of departure from Romania,
4. You have the original receipts and store identified VAT Refund forms validated by the Customs Office.Shopp2ing